My name is Denice  I am born and raised in northern  B.C. My teen years were spent living and travelling in Brasil South America. I lived in Rio de Janeiro working in a Montessori school for under privileged children. Upon returning to Canada I took the Licensed Practical Nursing program at Alberta Vocational Center in Edmonton Alberta (now Norquest College) graduated as a LPN in 1981.
I currently live in the interior of B.C. Have 3 beautiful grown daughters and 4 wonderful, active grandchildren. I enjoy being outside, reading and exploring this wonderful world of ours. There is nothing as great as being in the mountains, with friends and family, where there is no cell service and you can enjoy being with each other. So many amazing sights to see and so little time.

My love of nursing and wanting to be able to pass on my knowledge is what has driven me to take the Provincial Instructors Diploma Program (PIDP). I completed my PIDP in Feb of 2016 and I am currently enrolled in the Certificate in Online/eLearning Instruction!  I love a good challenge.




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