Lesson Planning 3100

constructivistCreating a positive learning environment.
This is an easy to read Canadian website containing current articles on how to set up a physical and emotional positive learning environment. This website will help me with tips on how to present myself with confidence and set up a teaching area that will be comfortable to both learners and instructors in formal and informal settings


Motivational Techniques:BestNursingTeam2
How and what motivates a learner?
These are not easy questions to answer as each learner has their own reasons for undertaking educational opportunities. This website provides simple useful information along with links to other websites on tips to motivate a classroom. Implementing these ideas in my classroom will help me to stay motivated myself, remembering the wise words of Robert Frost: I am not a teacher, but an awakener.


Media Planning:social-media-marketing
As society increases the use of social media, the ability to use the internet to provide learning opportunities is an expectation of learners. Having the technology to use face-to-face, community of learning, and chat forums to make learning interactive and flexible is what entices adults to become learners. This section of eLearning has great information on using media to enhance online learning, this site explains the benefits, and pit falls of eLearning.

Instructional Process/Strategies:addie-process
Understanding the instructional process can be intimidating when an instructor is new; a challenge can be finding a method that is both comfortable for the instructor and the students. This website contains multiple ideas that are applicable to any setting such as the icebreaker and brain storming activities that I could envision myself using in a classroom. Having a toolbox full of different instructional strategies to draw on can help to keep a classroom interactive, keeping the students engaged and focused.


In today’s current workforce assessments happen on a regular basis, employers expect employees to have the ability to perform self and peer assessments. Preparing learners to be familiar with the assessment process will provide them with the tools expected to be successful in the workplace. The publication that I have found is from an Alberta professor who has condensed a section of the book “The Craft of Teaching Adults” and placed on the web, this section contains easy to understand ideas of how to make students the center of an assessment, and I can see myself using this resource in my future classrooms. http://www.ualberta.ca/~tfenwick/publications/html/55%20Incorporating%20Dynamic%20Assessment%20in%20Evaluation%20of%20Adult%20Learners.htm


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