Week 3

WOW… what can I say. I am working on completing my last assignment for this week. Had a vision of what it would be, but, it is creating a life of its own.

Challenges and opportunities of e Learning , the topic sounds easy enough. Well I am struggling! I know that i know it.. but I do not have all the evidence to back up what I think. Or maybe I just think I know it.

The challenges are some of the same ones as face-to- face, but then there are some real different ones. For example, in a class room the learner shows up, you smile get to know each other, you can see if they are engaged in the conversation or are they filing their nails. Online you do not know what they are doing, so how do you manage this.

Some very interesting research is what I am doing. Wanted to do a video but, again this is proving to be to difficult as I tend to be long winded so how do I condense the information as the video must only be 5 minutes. So it looks like I am doing  a paper.

Continuous learning is  what i am doing. I will post the paper in the resources section for this course. Have fun everyone!…. Learn and grow.


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