Week 3 Submitted

375Well I have submitted my project, wanted to do a video but was unable to make that work. I found so much information that I became overwhelmed, there was to much for me to condense. This is one of those courses that I find very stimulating! I want to “do it all”

So I wrote a paper, we will see what the final mark it. Whatever the mark I learned so much about the challenges and opportunities for both instructors and learners. Instructors need to make a presence in the learning, in previous courses I thought that with online courses only the final product is what mattered not the process of learning, now, I am thinking maybe not so much of that it true. Everyone learns differently, so the learning style here is not the question but, it should matter how the final product is being produced. Example: if I am teaching a nursing course on line, I will care about the steps that the learner needs to take to learn the activity, not just the final outcome. The learner will need to demonstrate all the steps to be sure that the learning has happened, and that they are ready to carry forward the learning.

Learners have a big role in online learning, they need to be diligent in their learning. Set goals and work towards them.The course and the instructor also pay a large role in making the course engaging so the learner wants to be there. I will think about how to do this as many times the course that I teach are mandatory, so , what will I do with the learner who does not want to be there. How will I get them engaged in the learning.

I had thought, with online learning the “personal touch” was not there. Again my learning took a steep curve, as instructors, we need to provide a personal touch. Get to know our learners, this will help in the engagement part of a course. Especially if the course is mandatory, the learner will need to know that the instructor is there for help. The role of the instructor as a “mentor” hit me, I had thought of myself as a guide, coach, but not a mentor. That is a role that I would appeal to me, mentor a nurse to become engaged in learning and want to become a life-long learner! . Yes I like the sound of that.

So onto week four I go!!!…..




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