Week 4

I am beginning week four so stay tuned!. Learning Theories and eLearning.. sounds like an easy week…LOL… that is what I said about week 3 and it took me 10 days to do my project. I will have to post to my blog about a learning theory so watch for that.

Saw a quote that I liked…. “The best teachers are those who show you where to look but don’t tell you what to see” .(momcaster.com) Found it on Pinterest and have started a board of positive quotes.  Have fun with your learning. Denice


This is continuation from the blog above.

The Learning Theory that fits with the nursing education is the Constructivist. In this learning theory the learner is building on prior learning and knowledge, constructing new knowledge from their previous experiences. The learner is in the center of the learning.

With Nurses this is what we do, we build on what we learned in training, take this knowledge and fit it into how the medical profession is always changing. What we did or how we did something 5 or 10 years ago is vastly different than what is done today.

As an Instructor in this learning environment we must be:

  1. Flexible- as not all learners learn the same way
  2. Creative- and have multiple resources available to help learners
  3. Inquisitive- in that we ask lots of questions to help the learner create their own learning, how is this important to their role
  4. Prepared- have the course ready to go, prepared with questions and activities to make learners engaged in learning

My presentations moving forward I am going to ask lots more questions, build on what the learner knows, this will mean being prepared with different information based on what the learner knows. I can see the challenges here being that I cannot prepare one presentation that I can deliver to everyone, I will have to be flexible and creative. My work has only just begun and so has my learning.

Here is a link to a paper by Margot Phaneuf RN, PHD

Providing the scaffolding or controlling? Which is better for teaching Nursing? 





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