My learning about ePortfolios

ePortfolios or folios as they are commonly called is an electronic record of what a person has learned in a course but are now being used many times by professionals who are applying for jobs or funding for a project.

They are typically used in degree programs and contain documents that support what has been learned, they are set up similar to a website with sections that contain personal information (a biography), career or learning goals, certificates received, a blog that contains reflective learning or maybe a resume.

Although ePortfolios are electronic and similar to a website they have privacy setting, so not only the creator of the folio can edit and permission must be granted to have access to the site.

In My Classroom:  My courses are usually only one to three hours long. So, using a ePortfolio would not work, in order for a folio to be effective there must be time set aside for the creation of the site and ongoing education on how to add to it. In nursing, reflective journaling and keeping a folder of any education that you have done each year is encouraged but as nurses are a self-regulated professional there is no mechanism in place to monitor whether this is being done. Usually this assessment is done with the employer and the individual nurse.

I can see how as a professional keeping track of your learning and having all the information in an electronic format that is organized would be a huge asset when applying for jobs or for wanting to continue your education. Trying to remember when you completed something is not easy so by placing it in an ePortfolio you would have it organized.

My own personal ePortfolio:

I am going to look into starting a ePortfolio of my own. You can start one through google documents. In it I would place copies of my Provincial Instructors Diploma Program (PIDP) and other courses that I have finished. I would also put in my goals for the coming year in a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely) format, then every 6 months to a year I would review the goals and adjust if necessary. I would keep a resume, blog about what I have been learning and my teaching philosophy. This way if I ever need these documents they will be in one place and I can edit them if necessary. This I am sure would only be the beginning of what this will develop into.

I am including a video on how to create an ePortfolio



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