4151 Blog Entry

260Well it is January 27 2017 and I am starting my second course to obtain my Certificate in Online/eLearning Instruction. I have been asked 3 questions and will answer them here. I will  post my journals in the resources section under Journals 4151.

Here are the 3 questions.

  1. Do you currently read any blogs? Why or Why not.   The answer to this question is yes! I do read blogs from fellow learners from my PIDP course. I also read a blog that my daughter has started. I find blogs are an interesting way to keep on on trends in nursing. Nurse.com is one of the blogs that I read, it contains stories from nurses as well as ways to keep your resume and career goals updated. The information on blogs is usually written in plain language, short and concise, after reading so many papers I find blogs a fun read.
  2. How do you feel about your abilities to blog. Do you have any concerns? Well for me this is 2 questions. My ability to blog is that of a novice, this is the best word I can think of. Sometimes I feel like the imposter syndrome is taking over! I learned about this syndrome in my Provincial Instructor Diploma Program (PIDP) and have come to recognize this syndrome in myself. Sometimes more than I like to admit. I have found a great article in the Faculty Focus website called Overcoming the Imposter Syndrome: Advice for new Faculty. Nice easy read to remind myself that I can do this! So this is how I feel about my ability to blog, I am doing it but will continue to learn new ways to make it interesting. My concern is that my blog will somehow spin out of control and become something that I will not use.
  3. What goal would you like to meet with this blog? My goal with this blog would be to use it as a way to keep my learning together, which I am doing, I am finding new ways to organize my blog so that content does not get lost. I would like to think that may be some day I could use my blog as an example that I could share with my learners about how they can use a blog. I do  find that I am going back to my blog to find links to the resources that I have put on.

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