Instructor presence

img_1554Having an instructor who is present in the course is said to be the most effective way to increase learner engagement, having the learner engaged increases learning and creates a positive learning experience for both the learner and the instructor. When the learner has a positive learning experience and carries forward the new learning, they share what they have learned and this encourages others to  enroll in learning.

Some of the ways that I ensure the my presence is felt in a course is:

  1. Ice breaker: at the beginning of the course I make sure that everyone introduces themselves to each other. As I work with nurses, what year did they graduate, where have they worked. This often then creates a bond between some nurses who have graduated the same year or often from the same school.
  2. Connect learners with each other: I will provide a group activity for learners to work together. Group activities can be challenging so this will have to be done carefully and after speaking with the learners individually so that I am aware of their personal comfort level.
  3. I let the learner know who I am: I share my own nursing story, where and when I graduated and where I have worked. I let them know that I am still nursing so what I am teaching I also put into my practice. This builds credibility and increases conversation as the learners share their stories and ask questions.
  4. Contact information: I always end my courses providing the learner with my contact information for any questions they have later. As I am the contact for any regulatory questions they will always know how to contact me. Learners have contacted me and often have made referrals for my courses to others.
  5. Connect learners to local resources: Also at the end of my courses I provide the learners with local resources that they can access if needed. Often times this is the name of the local educator (which I researched before the course) or the employer policies or local community courses that I am aware of. The feedback that I have received about leaving the learners with resources that they can further explore has been very positive.

Being present in a course also lets the learner know that you are passionate and care about  what you are teaching. As I love nursing the learners can see that this is my passion and I am committed to their learning.


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