3230 Evaluation of learning.

Well I have completed my evaluation of learning on November 2 2014… wow…. lots of work and learning happened.
I have a new powtoon that was created and I will include the link for. It was on the background knowledge probe as a learning assessment. There is more to assessing both a curriculum and the learner than I had ever given any thought to, and asking why you are doing the assessment? what are you going to do with the information? How to effectively write an exam that includes the learner….
I had never given a lot of thought to how in a group setting marks are distributed or how can peers provide marks or input when there is not clear direction or guidance… again… lots of thought.
The good news is that there is multiple resources that are easy to use and access.
What a relief for me to know that I have help and guidance.
I hope that you enjoy the link to powtoons.


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