3240 Media Enhanced learning

So I am almost done the media enhance learning… what a course this was…

I learned lots about creative commons, how and when to use it… and how to use photos off of websites legally. If you use photos make sure that you check the sharing of the photos or ask permission.. here is a link to the creative commons website,,http://creativecommons.ca/ .. pick choose a license then you are able to put it on your work.

Now about the presentations… I used Brainshark and liked it more than Powtoons... which I had a ton of technical issues with. I still cannot post a link to my presentation. If you do use Powtoons I suggest that you allow extra time for technical issues. Brainshark for my Pecha Kucha was fairly simple. Creating an account was the hardest part. I have provided the link so have a look at my Pecha Kucha. Lots of learning here but, I can see how this type of presentation can be used to provide valuable information that is easy for students to review. I am looking at using this one.

The other site that I did not get enough time to look into but will research later is VCASMO in this presentation forum you can video tape yourself and have 1/2 the screen for a sample of whatever you are talking about… would work if you are trying to give a sample of what you are doing. Take a look.

Now podcasts… this for me did not go that well… I needed more time. As I am a visual learner I did not like having no video component.

With this course try to allow lots of time there is tons of learning if you are not technically adapt… or you do have the option of writing papers… but I really wanted to challenge myself so did not take this option..

My advice is jump in, hang on…. and allow time to learn.



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