3260 Professional Practice.

January 12 2015

I am starting my 5th course in the PIDP!… am looking forward to this one.
Wanted to take it last as it is of special interest to me. Professional Practice is what I think that nurses RNs, LPN, RPN seem to forget. It is a way of acting professionally that promotes the nursing profession. It is a way of being all the time, not just at work. This takes dedication as it is easy to forget when we as humans are ruled by emotions!… how do we forget our personal emotions and think about a client/patient needs? How do we put away our own personal values and meet those of a client/patient or family.
Many times nurses are asked to do things that are in the best interest of the client/patient or family but the nurse may not agree with… how do we do this?
Nurses are self-regulated professionals and must at all time up hold strict standards of practice.

It will be interesting to see how my view of professional practice changes through this course… or if it does…
Hang on and here we go.


I have finished my 3260 in March.

Learned so much with evaluation strategies, student questionnaires, ethical dilemmas, career management this course took me down a path that I had not thought of. I will be reviewing this course for time to come. I had not thought about professional practice as being so personal…. it was a what do I want from my career that took me by surprise. I love learning when there are surprises like that. Makes me think that is when students learn best when they are challenged to think outside the box.

Onto the next one Media which starts June 1 2015.



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